Empowering Indigenous Communities: The Story of NAMIAS in the Philippines

A minority from Nagpana holding coffee plant.

Photo courtesy of DOST VI.

In the rural village of Nagpana in the Philippines, an inspiring story of empowerment is unfolding. At the heart of this transformation is Nagpana Minorities Association (NAMIAS), an organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of the Ati, an indigenous group that has faced marginalization.

For generations, the Ati of Nagpana lived surrounded by natural beauty yet with limited access to education, livelihoods, and opportunities. NAMIAS is on a mission to change this by implementing programs that provide the tools for inclusive and sustainable progress.

The organization’s vision is to foster a community with a thriving local economy, prosperous and fulfilled residents, and an empowered populace. To achieve this, NAMIAS has collaborated with government agencies, NGOs, and the community to open doors through initiatives like:

  • Providing livelihood opportunities by establishing coffee production in Nagpana and securing support to build processing facilities which allows the Ati community to grow, process, package and sell their own coffee.

  • Fostering unity by bringing people together through forums, workshops and events which strengthens bonds and cooperation among residents.

  • Additionally, for their work, NAMIAS won awards including Regional Best Community Project in 2019, further motivating their efforts.

The story of NAMIAS demonstrates the power of social organizations to uplift marginalized communities. Driven by the vision of prosperity and inclusivity, the organization continues empowering the Ati people through economic opportunities, community building, and raising awareness.

The transformation taking place in Nagpana shows how dedicated groups can create lasting change. It serves as an inspiration to support and participate in initiatives that provide empowerment to those who need it most.

Be part of uplifting marginalized communities.

Support organizations like the Nagpana Minorities Association that are empowering indigenous groups with tools for sustainable and inclusive progress. Your contribution helps provide access to education, livelihoods, and new opportunities that can transform lives. When communities come together and collaborate, a powerful impact can unfold.

You can support the work of NAMIAS by purchasing coffee and other products from Bakal Lokal, their social enterprise that allows the Ati community to grow, process, and sell their own coffee and goods. Buying from Bakal Lokal directly assists the Ati people by providing livelihoods and income. Join the movement for positive change by supporting Bakal Lokal.