Experience Miagao Highland Coffee with Chemon's Ongyod at Bakal Lokal

Experience Miagao Highland Coffee with Chemon's Ongyod at Bakal Lokal

Photo Courtesy of Chemon's Ongyod

Bakal Lokal proudly supports local businesses and now offers Chemon's Ongyod Coffee, hailing from the verdant Miag-ao highlands of Western Visayas. The unique terroir of the region lends a remarkably smooth yet aromatic flavor profile to Chemon's beans. As experienced coffee aficionados understand, the local environmental conditions where coffee is grown directly influence the resulting taste and aroma.

The team at Chemon's handpicks only the ripest coffee cherries at the peak of ripeness. Using time-honored, artisanal techniques perfected over generations, they then carefully process the beans. The result is an exquisite, well-balanced coffee that blends rich, deep roasting notes with bright, fruity undertones. Chemon's commitment to sustainable farming practices and active involvement in the local Miag-ao community further set them apart in the coffee industry.

As a homegrown business, Chemon's focuses on traditional shade-grown, handpicked coffee to reduce ecological impact. They also participate extensively in civic events and initiatives across Miag-ao to support the health and well-being of their community. This local pride and social responsibility is reflected in the quality of their coffee.

Bakal Lokal is delighted to now provide its discerning customers the opportunity to experience the exemplary flavor and consummate craftsmanship of top-grade Miag-ao highland coffee through Chemon's Ongyod. From bean to cup, it offers a truly remarkable regional coffee experience.

Promoting small-scale food producers and local businesses is an integral part of Bakal Lokal's mission. The cafe warmly invites coffee aficionados to savor the rich heritage, care, and tradition steeped into every cup of Chemon's Ongyod, born in the peaks of the Western Visayan highlands. Supplies of this exclusive coffee are limited, so visits are encouraged soon to sample this exceptional Philippine specialty before it runs out.